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What We Know of Adonis Golden Program

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I was skeptical when I first started reading this program, but at completion of the review, I got more positive outlook about Adonis Golden Ratio. Whereas there are some things that are very interesting, overall this plan looks like one, which is worth its cost.

We Love:

Complete information: Adonis Golden Ratio takes you from beginning to end, and you will get all help that you want in each area of life. Right from the diet to the workout to lifestyle, it is the complete program.

Comprehensive program: You’ve the diet menu with over 56days of six meals, and 12week of workout program with six days of the workouts every week. That is lots of comprehensive information that is laid out and simple to absorb.

Get more information

This book provides lots of helpful information, like:

  • Truth behind bad and good fats
  • Science of how protein, carbs and fats are used and digested by the body
  • How glucagon and insulin affect the blood sugar levels
  • How vitamins, minerals and water play very important role in health
  • Tricks of cooking
  • How fat can affect the appetite hormones

Truth to be told, Adonis Golden Ratio plan is comprehensive and complete!

So is this any good or worth to buy?

This actually is the comprehensive system, which does take twelve weeks. (Take a close look at some before & after photos on the website) This helps you to understand the body’s genetic makeup. When it is understood, then you can set the goals for yourself. This gives the world class expert suggestion on supplementation and nutrition that other programs overlook and just get wrong. And this comes in the instant download form, which you may access immediately. At the price I can just describe as a bargain. Thus, if you have ever found the workouts failing to attain then what you think it must, then it is for you. if you have not started yet, however do not wish to look back in some years thinking why all this effort did not work as well trainer said it will, begin with the system based on the real science.

Where I Can Get It?

The program is just available direct from John and Kyle. You cannot get this on in any of the local stores.

Extra Bonuses

Main program is all you actually need. However, they’re throwing in extra bonuses that I must mention because you may like them as well.

First, lifetime upgrade FREE of main package is worth to mention. Pretty cool, also not expected. After that, there is extra manual for people looking for the arms and abs booster and it is really tough but suppose you wish to be bigger, then you will like this. Lastly there is the bonus that is not by Barban.


Thus, Adonis Golden Ratio appears to be the decent program. Considering it is only $47 for complete lifestyle guide, and it is totally worth it.

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